" Thank you for your note below and the pictures and most of all…your pride of workmanship. I was up to the house for 3 days    and looked over your work…very impressive. "

~ John B. (email)

" That's my kitchen! Fantastic job Alex and Francisco for giving me my dream kitchen!! "

~ Jana G. (facebook)

" Alex Gonzalez, owner of Finishing Touch, is a perfectionist in his work and completely honest. This is a rare combination in the contractor world, and I can recommend him without hesitation. He's done three projects for me over the past 8 years, and all came out incredibly well ...

Alex is very responsive and can always be reached by phone, and he lets you know if something unexpected arises ... Then he takes care of those problems promptly without gouging you for the necessary changes in work scope.

Of course it makes sense to get more than one quote for any work you have done in your home, but if Alex is within 10% of the other quotes ... vote for him. You'll be happy you did because he respects your need for neatness and makes sure you have a tidy place tolive even while the work is going on around you. "

~ Barbara K. (yelp)